1. Read the author's guidelines for preparing the manuscript. Click here

2. Checklist before submitting the manuscript: Read here 

3. Template

All of the manuscripts must follow the journal template.  

      Manuscript type  Click to download    
  Book Review Template
     Brief  Template
     Case Report  Template 
     Case Series  Template 
  Case Study  Template 
  Commentary  Template 
  Editorial  Template 
  Letter to Editor  Template 
  Opinion  Template
  Original Research  Template
  Protocol Template
  Review (Narrative/Critical)    Template 
  Review (Systematic/Meta-Analysis/Scoping/Umbrella)    Template 
  Short Communication Template 













 4. Online Submission

Before submitting the manuscript please make sure you follow all the required instructions. Please click the following button to start the online submission of your manuscript.

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5. Payment and Fee

Please read the fee details related to your manuscript. Click here